Your Guide to Radiation Therapy AT CORSICANA CANCER Center

Preparing for your Radiation Treatments

Sixty percent of cancer patients receive Radiation Therapy, because it is a very effective way to treat and cure many forms of cancer. In some cases radiation is used alone and in other cases it is used in conjunction with chemotherapy, hormone therapy and/or surgery.

Before determining if you would benefit from radiation therapy, our oncologist reviews your medical reports, x-rays, pathology reports and lab work. If treatment is needed a radiation dose is prescribed. Our team at Corsicana Cancer Center will then design a radiation treatment plan specifically for you. 

The first step in designing your plan is to simulate your radiation treatment with a CT scanner. The CT scan gives us a three dimensional model of your body that allows us to see where the radiation is going. 

Next your oncologist will develop a unique plan designed to treat your illness based on your body measurements as determined by the simulation. They will decide the number, duration and frequency of radiation treatments you will need. Your medical physics team will determine the strength, depth and path of the beam based on your specific type of cancer, its location and your treatment plan. This process could take from 1 to 4 days depending on the complexity of your treatment. 

Once they are satisfied that your simulated plan will treat your form of cancer as powerfully and accurately as possible, we will bring you back in and begin the treatments. Sometimes we mark your skin with (semi) permanent ink to ensure accurate daily treatments.

When you come to Corsicana Cancer Center for your therapy, in most cases daily, it should take anywhere from 15-30 minutes to get your treatment based on your specific plan. Once you are finished each day you may go back to work or home and resume your normal schedule. 

Your Initial Appointment

When you first arrive and meet your treatment team you will sign a release form that will allow us to access your medical records. You will sign a HIPAA form which explains your rights to privacy under the law.  We will also need your insurance card so we can make a copy for our file and get you pre -approved for your treatment. 

After reviewing all the medical documents and getting your preapproval we will schedule you for your initial consultation. Your first visit with your Radiation Oncologist may take 1 or 2 hours. They will answer all your questions and work with you and your physician to develop the best treatment plan for you. 

Side Effects

The doctor will discuss side effects during your initial consultation. Side effects do not always occur, but can usually be managed with medication and they typically go away after a few weeks. If you experience any difficulties during your radiation treatment please be sure to tell our therapist or doctor.