Over 30 Years of Experience Working for You

Using our 35+ years of experience we chose equipment that would produce the best results for our patients.   


General Electric CT Scanner

Our General Electric CT Scanner uses a series of X-rays that are reconstructed into multi dimensional images with crisp anatomical detail. It is an 8 slice CT scanner which creates a diagnostic quality image of your tumor in less time and with less error. Because it works quickly, it reduces motion during the scan which results in a more effective and more accurate treatment plan.  


Philips Treatment Planning System

It takes more than good people and a precise scanner to develop the best radiation treatment plan. The Philips Treatment Planning System was purchased to ensure that Corsicana Cancer Center could provide its staff with the latest and most accurate and interactive planning tools. This system has the industry’s most accurate true 3 dimensional dose calculation algorithm. It includes powerful tools that allow us to use the patient's anatomy to ensure our treatment plans are precise and accurate.  


Varian Linear Accelerator with On Board Imaging

After careful consideration we installed the industry leading Varian Linear Accelerator capable of 3D, Intensity-Modulated and Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy, Stereotactic Radiosurgery , and Electron Therapy. It is a high performance, reliable machine that offers:  

  • A wide range of treatment energy choices;   
  • Exact dose output using real-time beam monitoring;   
  • Fast and precise treatment;   
  • On-board imaging allows high quality low dose imaging for verification and re-positioning of patient prior to treatment. 

our technology

When choosing our patient information management system, Corsicana Cancer Center wanted a system that would integrate with all other medical oncology patient data. Our Center uses MOSAIQ by Elekta Electronic Medical Records. MOSAIQ connects to our linear accelerator and treatment planning system and manages images and data; allowing fast and efficient access to your information for your team. It has safety and quality assurance tools like checklists, care plans, patient positioning and verification tools that allow your team to provide you with safe and accurate treatments.

All of this technology working together allows us to deliver customized radiation treatments specifically designed for your body and your cancer. Unlike older treatment systems, our technology locates the target before the treatment is delivered, conforms the beam to the shape of the tumor, delivers more dose to the cancer and reduces  the side effects of treatment.